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Fulham to Spurs (at Wembley)

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Author: Lee Adams

Fulham have never been to Wembley Stadium in my life time. However, 3 months prior to this walk we were at Wembley for the Championship play off final, which we won, and was one of the best days of my life.

Fixture list day, and so many to look forward to. First away, Chelsea Away, Boxing day, last game of the season, it then hit me...Our first game away was at Spurs new Stadium. The phone calls started coming in, then the news came in, Spurs are staying at Wembley for this season.

“Wembley twice in 3 months, dreams really do come true..”

After last season the community all came together and we all agreed that Birmingham City was a very long walk and one that most wouldn't do. On looking at the fixtures it became apparent that there was a lot of London clubs we could walk to and so that became our mission for the season ahead. We would be walking and talking to the London match fixtures, and we couldn't wait.

There was a great turn out on the day, with Fulham and Spurs fans joining together for the walk across London. It was amazing to see everyone after the euphoria of the play off final in May, and even better to see new faces joining us, and opening up new conversations on the road to Wembley.

More words to follow from our walkers...

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